#26 Cover from Jersey Shore, Pa.

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    I was a member here a long time ago and I went by "Jay" I have been very ill and decided to re-join and start anew. I hope it's OK? If not please let me know and I'l bow out peacefully as there is no need for harsh words. -Jay
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    I've never received a single insulting word here. Even with all the silly questions I post. I think your good! Hope your getting better.
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    Wow you are Jay! :)
    Welcome back here, I am sure everyone will feel great that you are back.
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    Yeah I've been dealing with liver disease anda move ontop of all that so I been floating around but I still collect. Thanks for having me again! I forget why I left originally but I really don't care to remember. All water under the bridge.
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    #26 Jersey Shore Cover information-

    Mrs. Annie L. Studebaker, Jersey Shore, Pa. Lycoming County


    Anne L Studebaker, "United States Census, 1860"
    Name: Anne L Studebaker
    Event Type:
    Event Year:
    Event Place:
    Minor Civil Division: Limestone Township
    Age (Expanded): 24 years
    Birth Year (Estimated):
    Page: 18
    Household ID:
    Affiliate Publication Number: M653
    GS Film number: 805136
    Digital Folder Number: 4292154
    Image Number: 00357

    This is most likely Anne's Mother and siblings listed here:


    Nancy Studebaker, "United States Census, 1870"
    Name: Nancy Studebaker
    Birth Year (Estimated): 1806
    Gender: Female
    Age (Original): 64y
    Race: White
    Birthplace: Pennsylvania
    Event Place: Pennsylvania, United States
    Household Gender Age Birthplace
    Nancy Studebaker F 64y Pennsylvania
    John Studebaker M 29y Pennsylvania
    Annie Studebaker F 23y Pennsylvania
    Jacob Studebaker M 22y Pennsylvania
    Clement Studebaker M 20y Pennsylvania


    I_L_S: I think I solved your genealogical puzzle on the addressee of the cover -- I venture to guess we weren't looking early enough into 19th century history!

    Anyway, the cover bearing a Scott #26 stamp would have first been in use circa 1857. Well, it seems that the addressee died less than a decade later (1867) at the young age of 39.

    The addressee is one Anna L. Studebaker (a/k/a Anna Louise (Burrell) Studebaker) (b. 10/30/1827; d. 02/11/1867), daughter of Samuel and Lydia Burrell and wife of Reverend Elias Studebaker, all of Pennsylvania at time.

    Here are images of the gravestones of both Rev. Elias Studebaker and his wife, Anna L. Studebaker (and their infant son):



    Since the burials were not in Jersey Shore or even Lycoming County for that matter, here's the connection with Jersey Shore, PA, which suggests that if Reverend Elias Studebaker was a Pastor in that region for 18 years from 1854, he would have continued on with his ministerial duties there until 1872, well after the death of his wife in 1867:

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    Nice documentation on the cover I_Love_Stamps. We're all glad to have you aboard!
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    I wonder if these Studebakers are related to the wagons/cars Studebakers.
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    Hi Jay, welcome back! If you created a new account because you couldn't get in your old one and want to, I can help you with that. I don't mind you using a new account, though, just as long as you're using just one.
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    Welcome back Jay :D Hope that all is going better with you now mate
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    Well The Liver disease is under control but I was just diagnosed with lung cancer so I can't catch a break can I? Yes I'll only use the one account Peter Davis. Thank you.
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    Hope you get well from all illnesses Jay, nice to hear from you again here.
    Take care:)
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    Jeez Jay man I am so sorry to hear this news, take good care of yourself mate :(
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    Welcome back Jay. I hope you will enjoy being here. I have enjoyed this site so far. I get a little bored not working a steady job anymore. Looking at some of these forums is a way to kill the boardum.
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    Hey buddy don't worry about it. A lot of people are here with newer accounts.
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    Nice info. Very interesting and did you get it?
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    Yes they are.
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    Also, I got my liver disease under control but now, most unfortunately, I have been diagnosed with lung cancer. I've had a lobectomy back in January and start chemotherapy next month. :(
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    Hoping you become well the soonest Jay.
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    I'm back ~ Finally! All done with chemo so now I'm back into collecting. I have added a slew of recent Jersey Shore, Pa. (my hometown) covers and historical documents. I'll make some new posts soon. -Jay
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