1c franklin buff red brown stamp no grill

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    cant find to much info on this stamp. any help would be appreciated, new to collecting so still learning

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Are you sure it does not have a grill? They can be tricky to spot. These stamps have what is known as a 'G' grill with 12 x 12 rows of points. The grills are often very faint is why I ask. Only the reissues have no grill. Can you scan the back, perhaps?

    These are known as the issues of 1869, or Pictorials. They were only in circulation a brief time before the Bank Note series was issued...The Post Office had too many complaints about their small size. But they have become a very collectible series. Lots of literature on them. There was even an entire magazine published about them for some years, The 1869 Times!

    It was the time of 'fancy cancellations' and yours appears to have one though I cannot make it out. Because of the small size of the stamp, often some part of the cancellation was only on the cover. Collecting covers with these stamps has also been very popular. There is even a book devoted to the 10-cent issue on cover by Michael Laurence, perhaps the guru of the Pictorials.
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