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    Hello, please look and tell me what you think

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  2. Werner Salentin

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    Welcome to the forum !
    I am not so sure,what your question is.
    In regard to Scott 116 or 127 there is a notice following Sc.122.
    It reads:"Values.....without grill are for examples with original gum."
    The same,of course applies for the special prints 123-133,unless
    examined by experts.127 should be on hard,white paper.
    Both your stamps look like the same type of paper.
    So my best guess is,that the grill of the right stamp was "ironed"

    121 looks like fainted coloured,but that can be due to a poor
    photo (scan).However the paper seems to be discoloured.It should
    be much brighter.

    39 ?? in my Scott edition this number is for the 90 C. value
  3. pistol

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    Your pictures are clear enough, and your stamps look good since I can understand they are very old and are very valuable. The unused stamps may worth a fortune, you should check them to an evaluator!
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