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Discussion in 'United States Stamps' started by RICHARD Babcock, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. RICHARD Babcock

    RICHARD Babcock Active Member

    ultra.jpg Comparing my 114 maybe a pale ultramarine with 233 ultramarine. Do you think they match? ALL so no Grill
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  2. Gunny

    Gunny Retired Jarhead Moderator

    Certainly very close. The different shades that a particular issue my have has always given me a headache. Some are worth a lot, most have no premium.
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  3. RICHARD Babcock

    RICHARD Babcock Active Member

    True shades are truly hard to detect. I did a mistake like most and have found the grill, But a nice colour match never the less And thank you. This is how we learn make mistakes have fun and learn!Off course Siegal has found different shades of paper colour with no grills or grills so who really knows lol, True Gunny some are a dollar and some are eighteen thousand dollars. To me there all the same. Stamps i love to collect.
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