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Sep 4, 2020
Jul 28, 2011
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Peter T Davis

Administrator, Male, from New England


Working on some neat new features for the site. Jun 9, 2014

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Sep 4, 2020
    1. RichardBabcock
      The hackers are at it again. It is so bad that Google will not let me log in to your site, Its been over a month with me trying everything to just get to this site. I suggest you upgrade your security. The spamers are winning and your loosing members.
    2. anglobob
      Something needs to be done about these spam messages !!!
      IWhy is it so easy for these messages to be posted ? I try to delete as soon as I see them but I think regular and new posters are being put off by this.
      1. GregAlex
        I salute your diligence! Although it can also be confusing. I get an email alert whenever someone posts on one of my topics. But if it's spam, it gets deleted quickly, so when I go to check it I find nothing. At least I think that's what's happening.
        Jul 10, 2021
    3. raju pun
    4. Ken Faroe
      Ken Faroe
      Hi Peter

      Could I please ask you to delete my ad about my daughter?

      She doesn't feel comfortable about it.

      I really would appreciate your fast help!


      all the best,

    5. Michael Javick
      Michael Javick
      Sir, I love this site---but must it now become a disgusting political sounding board as the Werner Salentin?
    6. Anthony P. Donnatien
      Anthony P. Donnatien
    7. Hochstrasse
      Thank-you so much Peter for the birthday wishes!
      1. Peter T Davis likes this.
    8. SATX Collector
      SATX Collector
      That's what I thought... I saw the same 'tip' on other conversations. Have started conversations such as those with 6 people so far... thanks for the confirmation that is the way to go.
    9. SATX Collector
      SATX Collector
      Peter: I see posts all the time saying 'send me PM'... is there an area I need to look at to see private addresses? I am in the same position... would like to communicate with specific members using Private Mail but don't know how to do it unless one of us posts our 'secrets' first...
      1. Peter T Davis
        Peter T Davis
        The quickest way to get to that is to click on their avatar. A box will pop up that gives you an option to "Start a Conversation" with them. That's how you get to the PM. :)
        Jan 23, 2015
    10. IRStamp
      hi man, i am from Iran and want to be listed on your directory for Iran, please pm me what should i do.thanks.
      1. Peter T Davis
        Peter T Davis
        Tell me your company name. Do you have a website?
        Jul 27, 2014
    11. Peter T Davis
      Peter T Davis
      Working on some neat new features for the site.
    12. tu7
      I just cannoT get this account up to speed Peter. Do you think closing it down and reopening a new one would help? If you do, how do I do it please?
    13. tu7
      Hi Peter,
      I tied to use the image funciton today to save your files space, but all I can see is a small box with a red cross in the middle. I had to use your folder option I'm afraid. For some reason it's not thought to be good practise to refer to blogs, what are your feelings on using that avenue to save you folder space?
      1. Peter T Davis
        Peter T Davis
        I'm not sure what could be going on to cause you to have trouble uploading an image. I am working on rebuilding the gallery so that would be another option. I don't think it would be a problem to refer to blogs, as long as the blog is ok with it.
        Apr 18, 2014
      2. tu7
        many thanks, I have never understood why other forum say it is definitely prohibited. Good luck with the gallery feature, I look forward to it Peter and thanks for a lovely laid back site.
        Apr 19, 2014
    14. stilb
      Seems to me a lot of memebers have lost interst in this club and i am new and keen. I'd like to put myself forward for some sort of Admin duties so I can get this site going again. If you don't want me I won't be offended the offers there is all. sometimes an infusion of new blood is all it takes||?
    15. stilb
      friended you friend me back.....x
    16. Brandon Sheley
      Brandon Sheley
      well hello there, I didn't know this was one of your sites :)
    17. ratio411
      Btw: I tried to PM this issue to you, but got the same error message.
      Thanks for your help!
    18. ratio411
      I haven't been able to post a thread, or in a thread, for a couple days now.
      I get an error that says "Please enter a valid message."
      I have tried switching it up, more or less words, pics, no pics, refreshing, etc...
      I am not doing anything different than I have ever done. ???
    19. Irene Tingson
      Irene Tingson
      Hi Peter! How can i attach files here? Thanks
    20. Peter T Davis
      Peter T Davis
      Yes, it's easy. Just click on my name, and then click 'Start a Conversation' and that's a private message.
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